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Watermelon Caprese

WATERMELON. Who doesn't love it? After buying giant watermelon after giant watermelon with few mouths to feed, I started to experiment since I had so much of it. This recipe was inspired from various watermelon recipes I have seen and tried this season (especially The Forest Feast's recipe) and it has quickly become one of my all-time favs. Its a refreshing twist on the tomato caprese (another favourite) and it tastes just as beautiful as it looks. And as far as nutrition goes, watermelon isn't just "sugar water", it contains more lycopene than raw tomatoes and lots of vitamin A and C!

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Difficulty: Easy

Serves 2


Round slice of watermelon, approximately 1.5cm thick

4-5 Round slices of buffalo mozzarella

1-2 tbsp basil

1 tbsp mint

1 tbsp chopped walnuts

1 tbsp chopped raw almonds

1 tbsp olive oil

Balsamic vinegar (optional)

Salt to taste


Cut a round slice of watermelon, approximately 1-2cm thick, and remove the rind.

Place the watermelon on a plate and top with 4-5 round slices of buffalo mozzarella.

Tear mint and basil leaves.

Top watermelon slice with the torn mint, basil, chopped walnuts and almonds.

Drizzle with olive oil and season with salt. (In all my excitement I have forgotten these two ingredients from time to time and it still tastes great!).



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