About Me

Jahan Lakhani

Hello and welcome to the Edible Revolution! My name is Jahan and I am a new doctor in Family Medicine. I am the girl that wakes up in the morning asking what is for dinner the next day, that loves experimenting with new flavours and that savours the time I get to spend in the kitchen, even if it isn't as often as I would like. I have always had a passion for promoting healthy lifestyles, which started as years of (lovingly) bullying my family into adapting various healthy habits.


After moving to Ireland to pursue medicine, I found that cooking was not only a way to get "me time" but also a way to convince my friends to socialize between their packed study schedules, because lets face it, everyone needs to eat. Throughout university, I saw how easily people stopped taking care of themselves when things were busy. I started to create and collect quick and healthy recipes, which use as little refined ingredients as possible. The main culprits I try to avoid are refined sugars, white flour and white rice. But these aren't hard rules in my life, more like everyday guidelines. Trust me, if you put pizza and wine in front of me (my absolute weak point) I would not even think twice before digging in.  


This collection of recipes is my own little reminder that taking care of yourself doesn't have to be hard. Although I started this blog to keep me encouraged when I am short on time, I hope it will inspire you and spark your edible revolution!

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